Hey there - i'm so glad you're here!

Here's a bit of background about little ol' me:

- I grew up on a wheat farm, and I love to be surrounded by animals and nature. I also adore road trips(snacks and tunes - does it get any better?)

- People love to say to me "You must get a lot of bridezillas, am I right?" *jab jab* Sure, nerves and a bit of pre-wedding stress is normal, but my couples are rad, and I get to spend most weekends watching them throw a party with their favourite people. 

-I have a reeeeally broad taste in music and love a good spontaneaous dance around my office. The dancing at weddings is one of my favourite parts of the day.

- Travel makes my heart sing. My favourite places in the world are New York, Queenstown and the mountains of Vietnam.

- I'm obsessed with dogs. I'm fur-mumma to Baxter, an aloof, adorable Weimaraner, who has his own Instagram account. You must include a pooch(or any animal) in your wedding day - it's the rules! (Okay, maybe not the ruulllles, but it would be awesome sauce). 

- I've inherited my father's silly sense of humour, so I'm a sucker for puns and slapstick comedy. I actually burst into laughter any time my partner trips over - it's very closely followed by "Oh my gosh, are you okay?", but yes, so much laughter.